Malaysia & Singapore Case Study


Malaysia and Singapore which co existed for centuries had to part ways in 1965 because of socio, political and economic dis equilibrium between them to become two independent countries unknowing they would become South East Asia’s’ economic super powers. Though the two nations history is cladded with riots, economic turmoil, blood shed, acts of terror etc., the raise of Malaysia and Singapore is phenomenal with the two countries growth rate surpassing some big economies of the world and becoming the poles centers of world’s economic growth or rather a force to recon with even during economic depression of the world. Now Malaysia and Singapore have become a case study for the entire world in building new world of economic order and development.

A study tour of the two countries will help our young generation develop new skills and friendships, to increase their understanding of international issues and other cultures and to unite them as part of our global community who can work together and rise to the challenges of the world we live in.

If a country like Singapore which is hardly size of a metro city in India, with 0 % natural resources and having diverse socio, ethnic cultures could do it, other bigger countries with better resources could as well do it. Come. Lets learn the lesson from an Ant who is now Singapura (Lion)!

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